Far Lands across the Sea

24 November 2020

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Print Only
The modern UV photo print paper from Sihl (135 g/m²) is bleached to a bright white and offers the perfect foundation for reproducing the original colours with remarkable richness. A coating ensures it is incredibly robust and resistant to changes in temperature and splashes of water.

About the frames :
The solid wood frames are custom made with premium materials and the utmost care. In order to allow you to display your painting without constraints on your wall, wall fixings are included. By default, a brown alder frame is proposed. If you want a specific frame, please contact Jacques so that he can adapt to your needs.


12×24" (30x60cm), 16×32" (40x80cm), 20×40" (50x100cm)


Print only (Tirage seul), Brown Alden Frame (Cadre en Aulne Brun)